Test Laboratory

A 7m3 climatic condition reproducer compliant with the NFX 15-140 standard featuring :
  • Cycle programmer for :
       - Temperatures between –30 et + 50°C
        (-22 and + 122° F)
       - Relative humidity between 10% and 90%
  • 6 PT1000 high resolution probes available
  • Data acquisition software and interface for graphical and numerical operation
  • Sampling frequency: from 1 minute to several hours
  • CETIAT certified

Custom Design

According to your specifications and the thermal stability of your products, we can offer you a solution tailored to meet your needs.

We normally apply the following parameters when carrying out our design studies :
  • the type and volume of products to be shipped,
  • the temperature range for the conservation of your products,
  • package preparation method,
  • projected shipping delays,
  • thermal cycles products are subjected to during shipping

We would be happy to help you draft your specifications.

Packaging Qualification

Our CETIAT-certified metrology laboratory carries out tests according to the profiled cycles to simulate :
  • outside temperatures from –30 to + 50°C (-22° to +122° F)
  • humidity variations from 10 to 90%.

By simulating actual shipping conditions, we can offer a customized solution tailored to your specifications.

Test examples :

Following the tests, we provide a qualification report including :
  • Your specifications
  • Temperature cycles
  • The materials used
  • The test procedure
  • Test results and conclusions
  • Temperature readings according to the defined sampling rate
  • Temperature graph
  • Photographs
  • Sampling certificate

We can perform comparative tests upon request.